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Welcome Manufacturers of American made products!

The rules for American companies to participate for free on this web site are very simple. If 51% of more of a product you produce is American made, then you are welcome to post a web page about your company and 1-100 American made products can also be posted, again, all for free. For those products that are not 51% or more American made, sorry, they cannot be listed on this web site.

Even though this web site is designed for people approximately age 18 and above, this is what we call a family web site in that any person, adult or child could view these pages and not be offended or view inappropriate material. We realize some products are made for only adults. We have no desire to discriminate against those adult companies to display their products. On a trial basis, we will allow adult American-made products to be displayed, however they cannot have offensive, suggestive language or naked human images in any way. If you have products language and images you are not sure if they are acceptable, the simple answer is they are not. If you have to ask if they can be approved, that is the wrong images and text for this web site.

Featured Products: On the index (home page) of this web site you will see a section called Featured Products. Featured Products does cost to have your product displayed on the most prominent page on this web site. Since this web site is new, we will start out with a low price for displaying Featured Products. Please note, the popularity and the volume of people seeing the index page and your advertised Featured Product will be huge in weeks to follow. Please call our sales staff at 702-242-4482 during Monday - Friday. 9a-5p PST and one of our salespersons will help you with pricing and availability.

Product sales: Many companies do no sell directly to the end user. This is acceptable. It will be the company’s responsibility when a consumer contacts them directly to instruct the buyer to a location near the buyer to purchase their goods. We are not suggesting a manufacturing company go out around their distribution chain to sell products. Since space on a web site is valuable, it is impossible to list all the distribution locations some manufacturers have around the United States. Therefore, we list the manufacturer’s contact information and they may sell directly to you or they will give instructions on how to located their product in the buyers area.

Please Remember: To list a product on the total amount of the product contents must be 51% American made. If some components are made outside the United States and it does not lower the percentage below 51%, you are allowed to list those products.

To list your American made products, please click here to register. It takes less than 30 seconds to register and it does not require a credit card.


Mission Statement:'s mission is to be the leader in advancing American-made products to USA and worldwide consumers.

Vision: Create an ethical marketplace where USA manufacturers and consumers can deal together with trust and integrity.

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